Don’t sleep on this: Plants in the bedroom

I’ve always loved plants, but making a few cross-country moves in my life (plus living exclusively in small apartments) has meant that I’ve rarely been consistently able to maintain many plants in my home. In fact, I still think about the tiger fern I gave away to a friend before a move over a decade ago.

But now that we’re all living Extremely Indoor Lifestyles, I’ve been making the trek to my local independent garden center every few weeks to pick up a new green “friend” or two. And while I love that my living room is approaching jungle status, what I really appreciate is the bit of green I’ve been able to fit into my bedroom, which doubles as my office during the day. Having a view of something living and green from every angle brings me peace, and the ritual of daily misting and regular watering grounds me in this uncertain time.

Do you keep plants in your home? Are there daily rituals that are bringing you peace in this season?