Welcome to Sleepie Blog!

Hello, friend! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Amy, and I love to sleep. I love lounging in bed on Saturday mornings. I will never turn down the chance for an afternoon nap. And my bedroom is my favorite room in my home.

But as much as I love sleeping, and as much as I know that my whole life goes better when I’ve had enough sleep, I don’t prioritize it nearly enough. And I have had all kinds of problems sleeping, from shallow sleep to restlessness to anxious thoughts that have refused to leave me in peace. And I know I’m not alone– 50 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders, and another 20-30 million have occasional sleep issues, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

In America– and surely elsewhere– we live in a culture that doesn’t provide great support for healthy sleep. Whether we work at a desk in front of a computer or on the night shift at a hospital or somewhere in between, our work lives often get in the way of a healthy night’s sleep. And our work hard-play hard ethos means we’re more likely to brag about how late we worked than how early we got to bed.

We’ve got a problem on our hands, and I’m going to fix it with this blog. Kidding! But I do want to help. Together with my readers, I want to be part of creating a pro-sleep, rest-positive culture. I want to build a community of people who are interested in the role of sleep in our society and our lives, and who want a good night’s sleep to be available to everyone. And I want someone to ogle linen bedsheets and silk pajamas with. Will you join me?