My name is Amy, and I want to help you sleep.

You and I may have never met before, but I know we have at least one thing in common: we could really use more sleep. 

We all know that sleep is important– we all feel better after a good night’s sleep, and we’ve all had some “off” days because of a night spent tossing and turning. Most all of us have also heard what we need to do to get better sleep: no screens before bed, wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day, etc. But life gets in the way, and here we are, under-slept, and not living our best lives because of it.

I started this blog because I want a good night’s sleep to be something that’s accessible to all of us. On Sleepie Blog, we’re building a world where we can talk about how well-rested we are, instead of how busy we are.

A Good Sleep Lifestyle is possible! I’m so excited for us to make it happen.