Four cozy bedroom upgrades for fall

We’re about to hunker down for a long fall season. From the continued stresses of the pandemic to the election to our day-to-day concerns, we’re going to have plenty going on, and we’ll want to make sure our bedrooms are a true sanctuary and escape from the worries of the world. Here are my picks for four upgrades you can make to ensure maximum bedroom coziness.

Throw blankets

A lighter-weight cotton throw blanket is just the thing to get things extra cozy while not overheating us (the wool blends can wait for winter!). The fair trade Como throw blanket from Steven Alan ($175) features gorgeous, textured striping. Scandinavian DesignsHvaler sweater blanket ($49) is a more affordable way to add another layer of cozy to your bed. The Bloom & Duka ivory throw blanket from Made Trade (pictured, $75) is fair trade and sustainably sourced.

Lap desks

Sure, spending all day working on our beds is the path to backache. But since we’re going to do it anyway, we might as well add some convenience to the mix. This multi-tasking lap tray from Walmart ($50) has a place for all your electronics and your mouse pad, too. The Fleur Blue lap tray from TROVEHome on Etsy (pictured, $43) features an easy-clean, tile-patterned laminate top and a beanbag base for maximum comfort. And if you’re looking for a project, Jen Woodhouse has instructions for a DIY lapdesk featuring a convenient storage compartment.

Aromatherapy candles

Multiple studies have shown lavender to have a positive impact on healthy sleep, and when science tells you to buy lavender candles, you buy lavender candles. Pretty Honest Candles offers a Lavender Soy Candle (pictured, $20) featuring notes of bergamot, lemon, lavender and cedar wood. Mrs. Meyer’s petite lavender tin candle ($5) is cruelty-free and promises a twelve-hour burn. Lavender, bay laurel, lemon and cedar are the notes in this Lavender + Bay Laurel scented soy candle ($30) from Sydney Hale Co., which features a double wick for a smoother burn.

Art objects

The more time we spend in our homes, the more important it becomes to surround ourselves with beauty. The Dune vase from Signe Ceramics ($160) is the perfect vessel for a single bloom or an evergreen sprig. This extremely cute stone bear figurine from Chairish ($360) may be just the friend you need at your bedside. Hollowwork‘s made-to-order Rainbow Pattern Ware Vase (pictured, $80) features a subtle splash of color in a minimalist design.

How will you get cozy this fall?

Do you plan to make some upgrades to your bedroom this fall? Share your ideas with me!


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